Top 9 Non-veg Restaurants in Nashik

  1. Pappu Ka Dhaba (Punjab Dhaba): Situated on Malegaon stand, Panchawati, it is one of the oldest eateries in Nashik. Mutton Curry, Chicken Curry, and Mutton Biryani are some of the delicacies you must try here. Try the Paneer Butter Masala, especially the pudina chutney served with salad, if you’re a vegetarian. After a filling meal, you may indulge in some delicious chaas here.
  2. New Punjab Restaurant: It is located in Panchawati, at Malegaon stand. This restaurant, too, is fairly old. Mutton curry, chicken curry, mutton masala, mutton dum biryani, and chicken tandoori special are all must-try dishes.
  3. Kaka Ka Dhaba: Their first location was on CBS; now it is in Lekha Nagar, on the Mumbai-Agra highway. Kaka ka Dhaba is known for its non-vegetarian cuisine. Mutton curry and tawa fish are two must-try delicacies. They have a number of locations throughout Nashik.
  4. Divtya Budhlya: It’s in Nashik’s Vidyavikas circle. This restaurant is well-known among Nashik’s non-vegetarians. It specialises in Maharashtrian cuisine, such as mutton and chicken thalis. After acquiring fame at this location, they opened another venue called Divtya Budhlya Wada at Rehan Circle, Gangapur Road, Nashik. They offer some excellent dining arrangements for families to enjoy.
  5. Hotel Saheba: Its located at Old Bombay naka. They serve some great Nonveg Thalis like Mutton Thali & Chicken Thali in Maharashtrian style. Theirs a old saying that after shuttineg their own hotels their owners would go to Hotel Saheba to have dinner.
  6. Radha Krishna Restaurant: It’s located near the Sakal News Paper office on Trambak Road. This eatery is well-known among Nashik’s families. King Fish, Pomfret, Jumbo Prawns, and Crabs are among their specialties. If you enjoy seafood, you must taste them at least once.
  7. Jayesh Khanawal: It’s near the Maharashtra Iron Works in Panchawati Karanja. Mutton Bhakari in the Maharashtrian manner is their specialty. Another location has opened in Aurangabad Naka, Panchwati, Nashik. This place is suitable for family visits. Jayesh Khanawal is one of Nashik’s oldest khanawal.
  8. Kokani Darbar: It’s in Dudh Bajar, Old Nashik, near the phule market. This restaurant is well-known throughout Nashik for its Tandoori chicken. They also have some great chicken and mutton curries.
  9. Maharashtra Darbar: It’s located on Trambak Road in Satpur, Nashik. They are well-known for their Mutton and Chicken Thali. They are also known for Mutton Dum biryani. They have a number of locations throughout Nashik.

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