10 Best Non Veg Restaurants in Pune

  1. Aware Maratha Khanawal: This eatery in Sadashiv Peth offers a wide selection of thalis & non veg dishes that are all reasonably priced. They serve all types of thalis with a specialty of Kharda Chicken Thali which is made up of some green masala. Do visit them for some authentic Maharashtrian food experience. Their timings are 11 am to 4 pm & 7 pm to 11 pm. Get directions here Aware Maratha Khanawal.
  2. George Restaurant: Delicious Chinese, Continental, Indian, Mughlai, and Multi-Cuisine meals are available at George Restaurant. One of the old eateries of Pune you must visit this place for some good biryanis. Their timings are 9 am to 11:30 pm. Get directions here George Restaurant.
  3. Blue Nile Restaurant: In a classy ambiance, the renowned non-vegetarian Blue Nile Restaurant serves delicious non-vegetarian cuisine like chicken, mutton, fish, prawns, rice, and biryani dishes. Visit this restaurant to try their Mutton Biryani it’s highly recommended for all non veg lovers. Their timings are 11 am to 11 pm. Get directions here Blue Nile Restaurant.
  4. Hotel Jagdamba: Indeed they serve one of the best Maharashtrian cuisine non-vegetarian thali in Pune. Located at Ramnagar, Pune-Satara Road near Khed-Shivapur Toll Plaza. If you want to go here on a Saturday or Sunday you have to be prepared to wait for long hours but the wait is worth it. Their timings are 12 pm to 11 pm. Get directions here Hotel Jagdamba.
  5. Surves Pure Non Veg: The restaurant, which is owned and operated by two brothers from Satara, is a sanctuary for meat eaters. They operate a kitchen without a refrigerator; each day, fresh meat is brought in from the butcher. Mutton and chicken are the primary participants in this. Make a thali your first time ordering here. This is the greatest way to sample everything. Even the most voracious eater will be satisfied by the Special Mutton Thali, which comes with ghadichi poli (layered thin chapati) or jowar bhakri, mutton fry, mutton rassa, khima, pandhra rassa, and pulav. There are no vegetarian dishes on the menu when they refer to it as being “pure non veg”! Thier timings are 2–4pm, 7–11pm. Get directions here Surves Pure Non Veg.
  6. Maratha Samrat Restaurant: They specialize in serving spicy, traditional Maharashtrian food, including mutton thalis. Kebabs, curries, and Maharashtrian food are their areas of expertise. Located at  Rahul Nagar in Kothrud, Pune, Beside Jalsampatti Bhavan offers well cooked meat with exquisite flavor. Excellent place to have dinner with friends and family. On their menu card is a listing for “Mutton Thali and Seafood Thali.” To accommodate the demand they have opened additional branches in Pune. Their timings are 11 am to 11 pm. Get directions here Maratha Samrat Restaurant.
  7. SP’s Biryani House: S.P.’s Biryani House is a classical restaurant that serves traditional biryanis and curries. They provide a distinctive and relaxing dining experience that offers local consumers and visitors something different and ensures that you always have a wonderful dining experience. The opulent menu at S.P.’s Biryani offers a wide selection of non-vegetarian delicacies like Biryani, Mutton, Chicken, Fish, and Egg dishes. Their flavorful Basmati rice dish is made with a combination of herbs, seeds, almonds, yogurt, and ghee. They also have Egg Masala, Liver Fry, Chicken Lollipop, Pomfret Fry, and Prawns Pulav, which you should try. Theire timings are 11am–3pm, 7–11pm. Get directions here SP’s Biryani House.
  8. Kake Da Hotel: Located in Baner & a franchise of one of the most famous brands of Delhi. Kaka Da Hotel serves one of the best north Indian food you can experience in Pune. Try any of their curries and get a feel of up north in the first bite. Their timings are 12–11:30pm. Get their directions here Kake Da Hotel
  9. Cafe Good Luck: This 88-year-old Good luck café on FC Road in Pune is a must-visit location and is famous for its Bun maska, kheema, and excellent mutton tawa kheema. Try the masala omelet pav and bun maska here as usual with some iranian tea. You can also enjoy a variety of different appetizers and delicious non-vegetarian cuisine! It is conveniently accessible and well-known to most Pune residents. In order to experience shopping you may also tour the neighboring FC road market and then take a break for their bun omlet & chai. Their timings are 7:45am–11:30pm. Get directions here Cafe Good Luck.
  10. Nevrekar Health Home: It’s one of the renowned eateries that has been operating in Pune for the previous four generations. The business’s proprietor, Mr. Neverekar, is a pleasant man with some great hospitality. Their timings are 11 am–3 pm and 8–11 pm. Get directions here Nevrekar Health Home.

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