Which one is puran singh ka Asli(Original) dhaba?

Savitrideviji from Puran Singh Ka Dhaba with DFS Team

Puran Singh is such a known name in Ambala that anyone who hears the name Puran  Singh will blindly direct you to the  Puran Singh ka Dhaba.

You can find seven dhaba’s in Ambala named Puran singh ka dhaba sharing almost the same famous name. Two of these are the most well-known and discussed. “Puran Singh ka new dhaba” is one, and “Puran Singh ka mashoor vishal dhaba” is the other.

Puran Singhji established this dhaba in 1949 at Sadar Bajar, Ambala Cantt, Haryana near the Dr Banarasi Clinic. After a few years, it was relocated near the Ambala Cantt railway station, where he established the reputation of having the best chicken and mutton curries in town. He began to draw large crowds as well as celebrities. The municipal committee closed all of these eateries outside the railway station entrance due to road expansion. Puran Singhji began his dhaba at this new place because they allotted them shops opposite the railway station to resettle these shops.

Puran Singh ka mashoor vishal dhaba, as it is known now, is located on the same plot of land that puran sighji was given by the municipal committee. While running Puran singh ka dhaba at this site until 1994, he became well-known throughout India. Puran Singhji had to sell this shop to Vijender Nagar due to health and personal issues, and this dhaba is now known as “Puran Singh ka mashoor vishal dhaba”

After a few years, Puran Singhji rented a new property near his previous one and began operating the dhaba, now known as “Puran Singh ka new dhaba.” He ran this new dhaba successfully till his death on August 28, 2001. His wife Savitridevi and son Vishal Atri have successfully run the “Puran Singh ka new dhaba” since his death. Unfortunately, Savitridevi passed away in 2018, leaving Puran Singh’s legacy to Vishal Atri and his wife.

The question now is, which of these is the original Puran singh ka dhaba? I believe both are equally important; one is where he began and spent the majority of his life, while the other is where his family continues to operate it. So I suggest you try both and see which one is more authentic.

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