6 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Pune

6 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Pune

Pune is a city that never disappoints when it comes to food, and its vegetarian offerings are no exception. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the city’s vibrant food scene has something to satisfy every vegetarian palate. Here, we’ve rounded up six of the best vegetarian restaurants in Pune, each offering a unique dining experience that celebrates the rich diversity of vegetarian cuisine.

1. Bhairavee Pure Veg

Location: Varsh Park Road, Baner, Pune 

Price for two: Rs 1,600

Bhairavee Pure Veg in Baner is a must-visit for anyone craving exclusive vegetarian delicacies. The restaurant’s menu boasts various gravies, tikkas, and veg biryanis, all prepared with authentic flavors and a traditional touch. The decor and vibe of Bhairavee Pure Veg make it an ideal spot for family outings. The “Sabzi ka Khajana” and “Veg Himalaya” are particularly popular, promising a culinary experience that’s both hearty and delicious.

2. Hotel Shreyas

Location: Apte Road, Pune 

Price for two: Rs 560 (INR 280 per person for an unlimited meal)

For an authentic Maharashtrian dining experience, Hotel Shreyas on Apte Road is the place to be. Known for its unlimited meal offering at just INR 280, this iconic restaurant serves a variety of traditional dishes that the Peshwas once enjoyed. From puran poli to amti, usal to ukadiche modak, every dish is a tribute to Maharashtrian culinary heritage. The quick and efficient service, coupled with the lip-smacking flavors, makes Hotel Shreyas a beloved spot for many.

3. Naivedya Thali (Shivajinagar)

Location: Shivajinagar, Pune 

Price for two: Varies

Naivedya Thali in Shivajinagar is a haven for those seeking a wholesome and varied dining experience. The warm and inviting ambiance reflects the rich cultural heritage of Indian cuisine. Specializing in thali meals, Naivedya offers a daily changing menu that includes farsaan, chaat, a variety of main course dishes, roti, rice, and dessert. Each thali is a culinary journey that showcases the diverse flavors of Indian vegetarian cuisine.

4. Ram Krishna Restaurant

Location: MG Road, Camp, Pune 

Price for two: Rs 600

Ram Krishna Restaurant, located in the bustling Camp area, is a renowned vegetarian establishment that has been delighting patrons for decades. Known for its authentic flavors, warm ambiance, and exceptional service, this restaurant offers a wide array of dishes. From North Indian curries and South Indian dosas to Chinese and Continental delights, Ram Krishna Restaurant has something to satisfy every taste. It’s no wonder this place remains a favorite among Punekars.

5. Darshan

Locations: Balewadi & Deccan Gymkhana, Pune 

Price for two: Rs 800

Since 1976, Darshan has been a staple in Pune’s vegetarian dining scene. With several locations across the city, including a new, well-furnished spot in Baner, Darshan continues to impress with its diverse menu. Offering Indian, Continental, Chinese, Mexican, and Italian cuisines, the restaurant caters to a variety of tastes and preferences. The excellent service and inviting atmosphere make Darshan a great choice for any occasion.

6. Durvankur

Location: Pune 

Price for two: Rs 600

Durvankur is a popular choice for those looking to explore the rich and diverse cuisine of Maharashtra. The highlight of this restaurant is its Thali, which provides a comprehensive Maharashtrian dining experience. Typically including dal, rice, chapati, vegetables, lentils, pickles, papad, and a sweet dessert, the Thali at Durvankur offers a wholesome and satisfying meal. This restaurant is a favorite among locals and visitors alike, known for its delicious food and welcoming ambiance.

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Pune’s vegetarian food scene is vibrant and diverse, with each restaurant offering a unique take on vegetarian cuisine. From traditional Maharashtrian meals to a variety of international flavors, these six restaurants showcase the best of what Pune has to offer. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty thali, a flavorful biryani, or a delicious curry, these spots are sure to leave you satisfied and eager for your next visit.

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